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(A Dancer’s Quest for Victory) 

Directed by Emmy Nominee: Brian Thomas/Produced by: SpinKick Pictures


Overview: May 1, 2009. Amy Jordan, a former professional dancer crosses the street and is run over by a 15 ton New York City express bus pinning her under the wheel. As she regains awareness, she has no feeling on the right side of her body. Her first thought, “Am I ever going to dance again?” Her second thought was ’If I survive the night there will be a Victory Dance.’ Amy’s right leg is completely crushed. The first hospital wants to amputate but Amy demands a second opinion. She is transferred to New York Presbyterian Hospital’s burn unit where she is literally rebuilt undergoing 18 surgeries during which she experiences cardiac trauma, a severe bacterial infection in her bones all leading up to thousands of hours of rehabilitation.

Story: This documentary will chronicle Amy Jordan’s triumphant path back to the stage after the near loss of her life and her right leg. In addition to producing and choreographing Amy will prepare herself to dance again for the first time since her accident with her company the Victory Dance Project as part of the company’s 3- year anniversary gala. This film embodies the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey of woman who doesn’t allow her circumstances to dictate her life. We watch her manage her diabetes daily, navigate through New York City as a legally blind woman, and painstakingly maintain her rehabilitation. You will be inspired by her determination, witty humor, spirit, and sincere heart. Sponsored since Aug 22, 2018

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