Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special

Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special

Choreographer & Dancer


Summer of 1978, another hot afternoon with no air conditioning, no internet nor instagram to check. My parents fighting again, “Brian go outside and play and take your sister” my mom yelled. It's a typical day at my house in a little town Zilwaukee located in Michigan. (that’s in Michigan so ya know “hon”) So off to the front porch we went. Now we didn’t have a regular front porch; for me, it was a “magical” front porch the size of Radio City. It had white metal railings that reached to the balcony of hundreds of screaming people awaiting my big performance, a broken wooden mailbox that had the power to transfer us to any universe and lastly green & beat up bushes! The shrubs hid my battery operated tape recorder so we could put on a show. And that we did. I hired my best friend Dawn Brady to rehearse relentlessly for our big performance, “The Donny and Marie Show.” We had no audience so I made my grandpa sit on the sidewalk with my little screaming sister in the stroller and Dawn’s younger sister Tisha to watch. The porch was about 3x3 so not much space, but once I hit that button and the bright orange maxell cassette tape started to roll, it was on. Dawn and I performed flawlessly just as I imagined when I was taping it holding the mic to the tv the night before. Hence, the budding start of my career in entertainment. I was always a bit different, annoying is the word most people use. Not sure why but I always loved challenging people, in search of a higher meaning, a poetic truth.


EMMY NOMINATED CHOREOGRAPHER for the Michael Jackson 's 30th Anniversary Special, Glam Winner for Best Music Video, and Commercial Photographer Brian Thomas has worked in all avenues of the biz over the past 25 years.  Originally from Michigan, Brian moved to NYC in 1993 to pursue a commercial dance career.  It didn't take him long to land his dream job the 1995 MTV music awards dancing beside MICHAEL JACKSON .  After many years of touring with various artists as a dancer BT started teaching at the BROADWAY DANCE CENTER which launched his choreography career progressing to directing and photography.  Brian's education in film/photography started at School of Visual Arts in NYC.  He still studies there training under directors such as Bob Giraldi & Todd Stephens.  His love of dance and film was obvious, which led him to directing music video's, short films, documentaries and commercials.  

DIRECTING CREDITS INCLUDE:  Amy's Victory Dance" - Award Winning Documentary, "Follow, Lead, Love" - Documentary currently in production, , "Dark Matter" -  Short Film feat. Desmond Richardson, GLAM winner for Various Music Videos including "Higher Love" -  Carishma, Associate Director for  Cirque du Soleil  Flash mob Time Square, Obotacario Commercial-Brazil.

CHOREOGRAPHY CREDITS INCLUDEMichael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Pink, Whitney Houston, Usher, Jason Durelo, Alicia Keys, Destiny's Child, Jamie Foxx, Mya, Brian McKnight, Deborah Cox, India Arie, Liza Minnelli, Gloria Gaynor, Marc Anthony, Sesame Street, the Electric Company, New York City Knicks Dancers,  Brooklynettes, Optimum triple play, Are We There Yet,  and many other TV/Live stage Events.

He started his own film/photo production company called "SpinKick Pictures" in 2017 in honor of his grandma's passing.  He quotes "Capturing a poetic moment of truth is so worth the journey".


Choreography Reel

Director's Sizzle Reel

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