Dance4Camera Workshop Mock Music Video

Solo Dance Reel

Solo Dance Reel


The Dance4Camera Workshop will teach you everything you need to know about performing in front of the lens. Director BT & other famous choreographers are brought together and produce a mock music video for all who attend.  You will learn the do's and don'ts while on set as well as performance tips that make you stand out.

You get a copy of the final music video plus an opportunity to FREESTYLE for your own personal edited dance reel that can be done upon request.  To sign up for the next one or have it at your own personal studio click CONTACT in the menu bar and send us an email.

Solo Dance Reels

Award winning Director, Brian Thomas will customize a Dance Reel just for you. Social Media has changed the industry and having your own personal dance reel is so important. Brand the business of YOU.  Pricing is contingent on time & set up.  Group rates available.                                                 

Erica Misilo

Dee Tomasetta

Abdiel Jacobsen

Solo Dance Artistic Reel

Linde Matthews

Natalie Ortiz

Solo Dance Reel w/stats

Solo Dance Reel w/stats

Jeffrey Sousa

Hip Hop Dance Reel

Artistic with Paula Caselton

Solo Dance Reel

Duo/Company Dance Reels

Dance Company Dance Reel

Dance Company


Artistic Duet

Artistic Duo

Dance Studio Web Commercial

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