PS LoveRobby

Aging Gracefully with Autism

Synopsis: This film is about Robby, a 58 y/o man living with autism.  It is a glimpse of how he navigates his surroundings while living his life to the fullest through his own unique perspective. This documentary represents an aspiration of building a strong foundation of integrity to those with autism as they get older. It embodies how compassion, understanding and acceptance can inspire the much needed representation, respect and recognition they deserve.That the level of support they receive especially from their families can help build a sense of contentment, belongingness & self-worth.

PS Love Robby will take you on a heartwarming journey by showing you the beauty of life, a wonderful spirit, meaning of pure joy and most importantly how unconditional love creates lasting impact on aging gracefully with autism. 

The Team


Self Portrait by NYC Filmaker & Photographer Brian Thomas


Executive Producer


Director of Photography

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BRIAN THOMAS has worked in all avenues of the biz over the past 25 years. Emmy Nominated for the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Special, Glam Winner and Commercial Photographer, Brian's education in film/photography started at School of Visual Arts in 2008. He still studies there training under directors such as Bob Giraldi, Fred Rendina, & Todd Stephens. His love of dance and film was obvious, which led him to directing music video's, short films, documentaries and commercials.

DIRECTING CREDITS INCLUDE: Amy's Victory Dance, Transcenddaens (in production), Higher Love - Carishma, Dark Matter - feat. Desmond Richardson, Various Music Videos, Associate Director for Cirque du Soleil Time Square, and Obotacario Commercial - Brazil.

CHOREOGRAPHY CREDITS INCLUDE: Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Pink, Usher, Jason Durelo, Alicia Keys, Mya, Brian McKnight, Whitney Houston, Deborah Cox, India Arie, Liza Minnelli, Gloria Gaynor, Marc Anthony, Sesame Street, the Electric Company, New York City Knicks Dancers, Brooklynettes, Optimum triple play, Are We There Yet, and many other TV/Live stage Events.

BRIAN RUBIANO moved to New York City to further pursue his acting career which eventually earned him the eligibility to become a member of Actor’s Equity Association (AEA) and Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). On February of 2015, he was offered the position to become the Director of Rehabilitation in Skilled Nursing Facility in Brooklyn, NY and did it up until January of 2018. On Feb of 2018, his Rehab company created a position for him as a Traveling Supervisor and Clinical Specialist.

Throughout his healthcare career, he remains passionate in incorporating creative strategy, humanizing approach to management, collaboration and continues to be an advocate on the optimal therapeutic effect of fusing arts and healthcare. This has become one of his life’s mission to date. ​ With Brian’s military career combined with his knowledge on performing arts and healthcare plus his world travel and management experience, it is obvious that the next step for him is to establish a company that provides a platform for unconventional, non-traditional and creative projects across the board. He wants to be of service to the greater good of humanity through collaboration with various organizations, groups and individuals in multiple fields and industries. One of his philosophy is to always “Aim to become a better version of one’s self for it deserve nothing less.”

MAGGIE SPOSATO began working with children who have special needs at the early age of 12. While attending Fordham University and receiving a BA in Communications and Media Studies, Maggie also trained in dance at The Alvin Ailey School American Dance Theatre and Broadway Dance Center. Her experience with special needs children in dance and in her own family has propelled her to continue sharing her passion with all types of movers. In 2017, Maggie and her mom founded Unique Movers, a dance program that uses a positive reinforcement approach to teach dance and movement skills to children and adults of all ages and abilities which is now a 501(c) nonprofit organization. Unique Movers was inspired by her Uncle Robby who loves to dance and listen to music. PS Love, Robby aligns all of her passions as she debuts as executive producer of this film. Maggie is elated to work with such a powerful and experienced team, and most importantly, to share this story with the world.

Johnny Tsang,  I discovered the art of movie making by my brother's friends shooting a homemade movie in my backyard. I decided participate and help shoot their movie and this is where I discovered the film making world. ​ At that time I moved to Long Island, and the school has a TV studio with linear editing systems. I decided to take my friend's film and edit it there. It took me 4-6 months before finally completing the 8 minute short film and it made me popular and received my first award as a film maker. This is when I decided to major in film for college. The first few years was a struggle. Being Chinese this is not something my parents would have wanted me to make a career out of. Through many struggles and hardships and at the moment I almost gave up, I decided its time for me to really do what I live and pursue my passion in film. ​

Throughout college I was known to be the “go to” person for any projects that is in need of help with a creative eye and proper execution. I even had my first job as a Director of Photography and created his first music video to be broadcast at BET music channel during my 2nd year at college. By 2006 I shot and edited over 10 narrative films, 15 Music Videos and over 50 cooking television shows. ​ Today I am currently working on numerous productions, produce and direct a food/travel show going into a third season, have a loving wife, a family of 2 children, a home, and living the dream most Asian Americans struggle. If you put your heart and love to what you want, you can achieve anything." ​ - JT

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